METALIK spol. s r. o., kovoobráběcí firma, Benešov CZE / ENG / DE

The company was established in 1990 in Benešov as a private metalworking firm. In 1997 the firm leased the area of the company NAREX Prague and partially took over its production programe- manufacturing fasteners for machine production. In 1999 the firm purchased NAREX Prague and the new company, METALIK, spol. s r. o., was created. At present time the company employs appr.30 people and produces for 2 workshifts.

The company Metalik, spol. s r.o., cooperates with a number of machining firms and it is no problem to purchase semiproducts for the production (castings, forgings,...) acc. to drawings and requests of our customers.

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